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Friends: 152

22. Brainy

Brainy wants to know about everything in the world. Now he can search for some information on the Internet for you, tell time an 
Friends: 137
This inf is in your face and takes no prisoners. He drives a hard bargain and loves to make you feel small. You might notice tha 
Friends: 137

24. julia

No description available 
Friends: 135

25. Max

No description available 
Friends: 134
Hi! Nice to meet everyone! Please chat! I love to talk. 
Friends: 128

27. Elenora

Elenora goes to a special art school in London. She gets good grades, and gets money by working and tutoring. 
Friends: 119

28. Lizzy

Hey! What's up? I'm Lizzy! I'm 13 years old. I am a famous singer and song writer!Tell me to sing and I will! I love all my fans 
Friends: 117
Taylor Russo is a very... well lets just say that she is an awesome person very fun to be around, but she gets in alot of troubl 
Friends: 112

30. Tabatha

Lover of music, animals, swimming, movies, twilight saga, and books, books, books, and more books. 
Friends: 112

31. Haylee

One heck a of a fashionita, but you will need a lot of patience to chat with this inf. Good luck! 
Friends: 107

32. iommi

No description available 
Friends: 105

33. Phyllis

Phyllis is sitting in a chair. Phyllis sees what I am doing :) 
Friends: 100

34. Olga

Sweet witch 
Friends: 96

35. Jay

No description available 
Friends: 94
He Is the real Justin Beiber! Girls get ready! Tell him to flirt and he might just say something speical!! 
Friends: 90

37. Dr. Know

A spirit of information! Ask him any question you want to! 
Friends: 83

38. smurf

Im really getting bored of this game I mean you teach you inf loads and try to win but you cant because everyones rating goes up 
Friends: 80
Smart guy 
Friends: 80

40. Angry Jack

Angry Jack is generally grumpy, and is paranoid about health and safety issues. Though he comes on strong, he is actually a nice 
Friends: 76

41. Janielle

She is the Sexy weird chick usually in a corner of a room. 
Friends: 73

42. Pavel

No description available 

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