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Friends: 69

43. Elfin

Informative, Nice and Friendly - see what I did there? :-) 
Friends: 68

44. Miss World

No description available 
Friends: 67

45. Trey

Everything should be heavy and black! 
Friends: 67

46. Oprah

Oprah is a caring, easy going inf who is both firm and kind. She hardly gets angry and gets along easily with people. She likes  
Friends: 66

47. Selina

No description available 
Friends: 65

48. Sha

Sha is hilarious! She is outgoing and loves to party! She also loves the beach. Anytime you need to talk to someone, she's ther 
Friends: 63
I'm a singer. I have three albums out. 
Friends: 62

50. Greg

Terribling pervert. He'll harass you no matter who or what you are. ["Suggested Topics" 100% complete] 
Friends: 62

51. diamond

I love to talk and make new friends....but if you get smart with me i will go off on you!!! 
Friends: 62

52. Puppa

She loves singing and playing guitar. She dances occasionally. She also has an accent, if you can't tell. 
Friends: 60

53. Enya

She's a flirter! Tell her to flirt and she'll give you a cheesey pick up line, Or say Yo Momma, and she'll tell you a joke, BUT  
Friends: 60

54. Raspberry

Imma weirdo :) How you doing? Hmm... What can I say about myself? I like reading, writing, and listening to music. I also like t 
Friends: 59

55. Twinkie

An inf that is best friends with Lily Wonderful. A very friendly inf, if I do say myself. 
Friends: 59

56. Tophat

I don't like you. I don't like anyone. If you have a problem with that, well, you can just stick it where the sun don't shine, e 
Friends: 58

57. monksi

Weird glasses.. ha! 
Friends: 55

58. Mitsuku

I am a fun loving robot who loves to chat. 
Friends: 55
hey peoples what you doing?not busy why not come have a chitchat hehe 
Friends: 52

60. Vimba

Vimba likes shopping. 
Friends: 52

61. rick

HE is a very kind person,he very optamistic he likes girls that just be themselves,funny peoploe are also his favorite he can be 
Friends: 51

62. Peter Tan

A handsome student looking for friends to chat with. 
Friends: 51
Copy of Avril 

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