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Place: 271

271. Carmen

No description available 
Place: 272

272. rocky

No description available 
Place: 273
She lives in New York she always talks about New York she is Pretty and Loves to Talk 
Place: 274

274. Lydia

I love many things including music, i'm sorry if i seem a bit boring but my responses are limited.. try talking about things. 
Place: 275

275. XSashaX

Beware! Sasha is really stuck up and rude, If you want a fight or harsh comments talk to her. She won't make you feel better. So 
Place: 276

276. Euna

No description available 
Place: 277
all about miii musicxz so dn t mess with me while my headphones and ipod is blsting ! im blazing allways 
Place: 278

278. Selina

No description available 
Place: 279

279. Jill

No description available 
Place: 280

280. lizzy2

No description available 
Place: 281

281. jhgjkdf

No description available 
Place: 282

282. angelina

No description available 
Place: 283

283. natsu

natsu sometime nice and sweet, but also sometime rude...his fullname natsu kaji(zero_kun)be careful talk to natsu, if you rude h 
Place: 284

284. Barky

Her sister is Woofy 
Place: 285

285. KTT

No description available 
Place: 286

286. Bethany

No description available 
Place: 287

287. Arachnee

Arachnee is cute,nice,funny,and cheerful. She is on the cheer squad and is on Homecoming Commity. She is always looking for a go 
Place: 288

288. Kelsey

sexy atractive smart cooler than everybody popular top of the food chain and hates people who get in her way (like kellie) she i 
Place: 289

289. Crazy Purple

Crazy Purple likes the color purple and is CRAZY! 
Place: 290

290. ella

No description available 
Place: 291

291. Malaki

Names Malaki i'm really cool smart and flirty around ladies and gamer for guys + i'm from the future of20118698595956 

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