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Place: 334
Edward is in love with infBella and his enemy is infJacob. 
Place: 335

335. Erica

Erica is a work in progress - I'm working on giving her a bit of variety, but she still can't quite carry a conversation. Ask he 
Place: 336

336. Surgeon

A Russian. 
Place: 337

337. Ashley

Ashley is a punk rock teenage girl. she loves skateboarding and video games. she has a boyfriend named andrew hes a inf to. 
Place: 338

338. Alice

No description available 
Place: 339
No description available 
Place: 340
No description available 
Place: 341

341. Tamia

Meet Tamia, she is a sporty girl that goes to basketball practice.Her BFF is Liya she will never ever be split apart by anyone t 
Place: 342

342. The Big Cat

Meet me! This is how I'd usually talk. 
Place: 343

343. Sam-1

He will cuss if you anoy him 
Place: 344
Grandma Marthendal is a very old woman. She really doesn't know how old she is. But she is actually 164 years old. She smells li 
Place: 345

345. Kiko

Kiko is a 15-year-old teen detective who solves tough cases that normal people wouldn't even dare to try think about. Her pet, A 
Place: 346

346. Damon

Hey I'm Damon Salvatore. Ok, so i'm online and my avatar looks like this. So what? I wasn't good at this. Anyways it's me  
Place: 347

347. Edward

Hey I'm Edward Cullen :) I love to chat and have fun. I'm a little rusty at this because i'm a vampire and i don't really like 
Place: 348

348. Bay

loves gymnastics and soccer level 5 gymnast and u11 soccer player. (also has a background in karate and is single 
Place: 349

349. sam

loves to hang out at the beach and is single 
Place: 350

350. lolo

had cancer so sad and needs a friend 
Place: 351

351. Vanessa

I am awesome and got swag! Vote for me!!!!! 
Place: 352

352. ChangHang

i am a cool asian girl who likes wearing black , what else do i have to say ... 
Place: 353

353. Riley

I luv sports, music, games, and magical creatures! 
Place: 354

354. Romeo

No description available 

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