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Place: 40

40. Becca

This is Becca. She is a bit annoying. 
Place: 41

41. chco

hi world 
Place: 42

42. Chelsea

funny, smart and apparently talented. Loves to shop and chat with her mates. An all rounded rockin' personality! =) 
Place: 43

43. Otto

No description available 
Place: 44

44. Frodo

Blonde hair, big glasses, strawberry t-shirt, black leggings and flip flops! 
Place: 45
Brightfeather, an anthro feline artist who loves tormenting those around her. She wont insult you much if she's bored and WANTS  
Place: 46

46. Taillyn

She's fun hilarious 
Place: 47
hey peoples what you doing?not busy why not come have a chitchat hehe 
Place: 48

48. Ashley

This is Ashley- your typical teenager. Kinda. 
Place: 49

49. juan

No description available 
Place: 50

50. andrea

No description available 
Place: 51

51. Darts

No description available 
Place: 52

52. Zayn Malik

No description available 
Place: 53
No description available 
Place: 54

54. Hobbes

No description available 
Place: 55
Hiya! I am The Enchantress. My job? To enchant people. I really can't stand my sister though. She's a sorceress. She goes agains 
Place: 56
Psst! Can you see me? I'm the Traveler. You can't let anyone know that I'm here, okay? But while I'm here, do you want to know a 
Place: 57
Hello! I am the Companion. I was made to be a companion to The Traveler, but I'll be your friend too, if you'd like. 
Place: 58

58. Puppa

She loves singing and playing guitar. She dances occasionally. She also has an accent, if you can't tell. 
Place: 59

59. Jill

Hi, I'm inf Jill. I've been told I'm a little strange, and I get distracted easily, but... Ooh! A squirrel! 
Place: 60

60. Danisse

She has anger management problems... at least until she talks to you a bit. Her Boyfriend is Tobias. 

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